What surfboard to ride for beginners ?
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What Surfboard to Ride? A Beginner’s Guide

You’ve just caught the surf bug… but what board to choose? There’s so much on offer. To make life easier, we’ve narrowed your options down to three user-friendly models: the Mini Mal, the Egg and Funboard.

Find out which best suits you below.

Basic surfboard jargon to be aware of:

Outline: your board as seen flat from above/below

Nose: the front end

Tail: the back end

Rocker: the curve from nose to tail

Mini Mal

Ranging between 7’0” and 7’10” Mini Mals are designed for smaller surf, perfectly suited to beginners learning to paddle and stand up in the whitewash. With plenty of volume and a straightish outline, Mini Mals offer great stability and float. Their lower rocker makes them easy to paddle and helps catch even the smallest waves so that you can work at mastering your paddle technique, drop-ins and trim lines. By far your best option when learning your first basic surf manœuvres.

Find both brand new and used Mini Mals here

The Egg

Usually ranging from 6’4” to 7’6”, the Egg is a model designed to suit softer surf. It’s a shape that can be suited to both beginners and intermediates and even your more advanced wave riders looking for a more forgiving ride or greater variety in weaker surf. Their wider outline and low rocker offer users a more manoeuvrable, fluid wave riding experience than your Mini Mal.

Find both brand new and used Eggs here.

The Funboard

Ranging from 6’0” to 7’0”, the Funboard is adapted to a wide range of wave conditions and great for both beginners and intermediates alike. Combining design elements from both the Mini Mal and shortboard world, Funboards make a great transition board before jumping onto your first performance shred stick. Boasting a wider and rounder outline shape, these boards still offer plenty of buoyancy and stability with the added bonus of being more manoeuvrable, allowing you to take your wave riding to the next level.

Find both brand new and used Funboards here

If your goal is a more high performance, radical style of surfing, you should find yourself progressing from a Mini Mal or Egg type shape to a Funboard and then shortboard design.

Article rédigé par John.
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