Planches de surf Egg - Tous les modèles - Neuf & Occasion

Surf Egg - Toutes les planches de surf Egg - Neuf & Occasion

Vous trouverez ici une sélection de planches de style Egg de nombreuses marques et shapers.Les planches Egg sont faciles à surfer grâce aux mesures supplémentaires qui offrent plus de confort et de stabilité.Que vous soyez un surfeur techniquement avancé ou juste un débutant, vous pouvez trouver ici le modèle qui correspond le mieux à votre surf et profiter du meilleur d'une planche Egg.

Discover Egg Surfboards.

Egg Surfboards are a type of board that has proven itself in recent years. As their name suggests, these surfboards in the shape of egg are generally stable, safe, versatile and super fun. Most shapers have spent time experimenting and developing Egg models, from the Mark Phillips One Bad Egg to La Côte de Pukas - these boards are big hits when the surfer is looking for a safe board with maneuverability, while Prism favors Egg Softboard models for beginners. The brands Elemnt and Indio offer more Retro and Vintage models.

Why choose an Egg Surfboard?

Egg boards offer a safe and stable feeling, like a longboardsbut on a shorter and more manageable board.

Fancy a Modern, Retro, Shortboard or Mid Length Egg?

You can find shorter or medium sizes and more retro or modern designs as well as PU materials like Epoxy. If you're looking for a more high-performance approach, a Shortboard in Egg shape like the Al Merrick Neckbeard, a few centimeters lower than your size is the right fit, if you want a more comfortable, all-around surf then a Mid Length is what you need and you can opt for a Mark Phipps.