Lost Lib Tech - Used and new surfboards

Si tu es à la recherche d’une planche de surf d’occasion certifiée ou neuve, typée shortboard ou hybride, à la fois solide et réactive, tu es au bon endroit ! Lost et Libtech se sont associés pour créer ce bijou de technologie, destiné aux surfeurs à la recherche d’une planche de surf performante et quasiment incassable.
Some partnerships may look obvious, but they don't always work out. It is definitely not the case for Lost and Lib Tech, who worked together to take their surfboards to another level. After dozens of years of development in the ski and snowboard world, Lib Tech came up with a fabrication process that produces ultra-resistant, light, and eco-friendly boards - they use up to 40% recyclable foam. Because of this, Lib Tech surfboards sport the Eco ISO label. Their rigid structure will offer you added pop and its reactivity is a true advantage in critical maneuvers when surfing in the pocket. The unarguably solid construction is now available on Matt Biolos' Lost shapes. You can now surf the famous Puddle Jumper or the Mayhem Short Round without having in the back of your mind that a thicker wave would crush your lovely board at any moment. If you look at the reviews you can find online, you quickly realize that Lost Libtech surfboards are a long-term investment that you can do with your eyes closed. That's it! You now know all the reasons for the success behind these boards, available used or new in the Akewatu catalog.